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    Karsten Födinger, concrete in the air

    - by Clément

    Karsten Födinger, a young artist, now at the Palais de Tokyo with an overwhelming installation : “Cantilever”.

    2010, reinforced concrete, 340 x 600 x 460 cmgarnd opening RaebervonStenglin, Zurich

    He uses these materials found on construction sites – concrete, plaster, raw wood, scaffolding – and offers to the viewer a space between construction and deconstruction. This idea of a moment of instability to stability (and vice versa) where structures are at the limits of physical laws. Födinger disturbs our perceptions and shows us a mental site which challenges the idea associated with a finished structure.

    Cantilever @ Palais de Tokyo, Paris (Pic by Z.Z)

    At the Palais de Tokyo, Karsten Födinger installs a concrete slab on a system of pillboxes, normally used for scaffolding. The concrete is suspended in the air defying gravity. The work makes complete sense in context of center art restructuring. We are given a new relationship to our daily confrontation with the space.

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