all eyes on hyères

all eyes on hyères
January 29, 2014 antoine

all eyes on hyères

Last Hyères before it turns 30.

For its 29th edition, Villa Noailles director and Fashion + Photography founder Jean-Pierre Blanc invited the American duo of Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, Kenzo designers and Opening Ceremony founders, to preside the Fashion Jury.

Amidst hundred’s of applicants from 55 different countries, here are the 10 finalists they picked.

Official lookbook by The Stimuleye.

Hyères Festival of Fashion + Photography 2014

Hyères 2014 - ALL EYES ON HYERES - by The Stimuleye.

All 10 designers were selected on the basis of a dossier and a full outfit, first by art director Maida Gregory-Boina, Maria Luisa buyer Robin Schulié and The Stimuleye colleague Filep Motwary, then by the jury presidents and their guests: Jay Massacret (V Man), Eric Wilson (InStyle), Carol Song (Opening Ceremony) and actress Chloé Sevigny.

Louis Gabriel Nouchi by The Stimuleye

Louis-Gabriel Nouchi, France.
Roshi Porkar by The Stimuleye
Roshi Porkar, Austria.
Agnese Narnicka by The Stimuleye
Agnese Narnicka, Latvia.
Yulia Yefimtchuk by The Stimuleye
Yulia Yefimtchuk, Ukraine.
Kenta Matsushige by The Stimuleye
Kenta Matsushige, Japan.
Anne Kluytenaar by The Stimuleye
Anne Kluytenaar, The Netherlands.
Liselore Frowijn by The Stimuleye
Liselore Frowijn, The Netherlands.
Coralie Marabelle by The Stimuleye
Coralie Marabelle, France.
Pablo Henrard by The Stimuleye
Pablo Henrard, Belgium.
Marit Ilison by The Stimuleye
Marit Ilison, Estonia.

Next week, the photography jury and selection will be announced.

Photography by The Stimuleye
Background by Mathilde Nivet
Make-up by Yannis Siskos
Hair by Fred Teglia


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