hyères just a taste… paula selby avellaneda

hyères just a taste… paula selby avellaneda
April 21, 2012 filep

hyères just a taste… paula selby avellaneda

Starting today, we will be introducing the Hyeres 2012 selected designers. The first is 26 year-old Paula Selby Avellaneda from Argentina..

How does it feel for you being selected for this year’s edition of Hyeres?

It is an honor-It’s motivating because it makes you feel as if you are doing something right, you‘re on the right track. The Festival is a good chance to make a collection for the sake of creativity, a boundless opportunity.

How would you describe Hyeres in three words?

Independent, for the love of art and generous.

What has been your favorite part of the process so far?

I am studying business at the same time so getting back to “stitching” for me was great. Before sending the work I was dreaming of the concept, the collection as a whole, trying the fabrics, carefully choosing and combining them. This time though the process felt different, as it was the first time I had created a collection respecting my archetypal sketches and drawings.

In three words , what is your collection about?

Materials, couture and Rock&Roll.

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