COMING MARCH 10th, 2011

COMING MARCH 10th, 2011
January 6, 2011 admin

COMING MARCH 10th, 2011

A diverse community of contributors, all vast in their effort to understand, contextualize and shed light on some of the most inspiring topics in art and culture today.

The Stimuleye is a unique, multidisciplinary online publication in the form of a blog.
The Stimuleye will be a meeting place for an international, multi-generational collective of contributors to share their inspirations, artistic visions, and their aesthetic and intellectual points of view on the world that we live in.
Mexico City, Paris, Nairobi, Istanbul, NYC, Berlin, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Athens, London, L.A…. we’re all over the globe. The blog will be representative of a variety of aesthetic ideals and opinions as well as a wide range of subjects.
The Stimuleye is about supporting up-to-date, online authorship.
Unlike most art, fashion or culture blogs, The Stimuleye is not about frequency, it’s about insight.
We want our network of Stimuleyes to have time to think and present images and ideas in a comprehensive way.


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