The Stimuleye project : Armani Trilogy by Justin Anderson

The Stimuleye project : Armani Trilogy by Justin Anderson
April 14, 2011 antoine

The Stimuleye project : Armani Trilogy by Justin Anderson

For the last few months, I’ve had the pleasure of working with director Justin Anderson of Ponyboy on a series of films commissioned by Armani: the Chase Trilogy.

Still from Justin Anderson's Chase film, by René Habermacher.

Garden for Emporio Armani, starring Theoharis Iannidis & Dafne

Chase for Armani/EA7

Bike for Armani Jeans

The last thing which stimulated Justin:

On Friday night- I watched a film by Jean Pierre Melville- Army of Shadows.
It had a big effect on me. It is brutal but very paired down without any melodrama. None of the actors either particularly young or good looking, the direction is tight and the subject really tough. It is about the French resistance to German occupation- it is about death, betrayal and torture.

The film was gripping was absolutely masterful.

What I love is that I discovered this film because I loved the way Alain Delon looked in LE FLIC in his raincoat – which then led me to such a film. I feel very lucky to live in a time in which it is so easy to discover these kinds of gems and I love the fluid way you can to move from one to the other.

Armani Chase Trilogy
Directed by Justin Anderson
Creative Direction by Antoine Asseraf / The Stimuleye
Production: Ponyboy / Queen of Spades

Starring: Theoharris Ioannidis, Dafne, Aline, Nastasia and Bo.

Styling/Fashion director: Isabelle Kountoure
Assisted by Tui Lin

Hair: Panos
Make-up: Yannis Siskos

Producer: Jason Scanlon
DoP: Ross McLennan
Local producers: Angela Tsepas/Andreas Mitsopoulos


  1. Clément Roncier 13 years ago

    je suis accro !! dingue !! BRAVO !

  2. erotokritos 13 years ago

    i am impressed !!

  3. salvatore vinci 13 years ago

    i like a lot!!!


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